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Bioenergy overview

General information about bioenergy including bioenergy technologies and it's environmental, regional development and waste management benefits.

Victorian Bioenergy Business Breakfasts

The Victorian Bioenergy Network host a number of bioenergy business breakfast and seminar events each year. Check this section regularly for upcoming events. Our last event was held on 4th & 5th September 2014 Bioenergy Forum and Field Day, Ballarat Victoria. Most of the presentations have now been up loaded here.

Victorian bioenergy

Information on Victorian biomass resources, projects and other relevant  initiatives. Also legislation, policies, permits and regulations relevant to Victorian bioenergy stakeholders.

VBN news and newsletters

Current news on bioenergy projects, events, opportunities and developments in, or relevant to Victoria can be found in our VBN newsletters. To suscribe email;

Details about past VBN events

Upcoming events and details of past events are posted here:

2015 Gippsland Bioenergy Forum & Tour - 18th and 19th June, Heyfield Victoria

The Victorian Bioenergy Network and Agribusiness Gippsland, with support from Regional Development Australia, Sustainability Victoria, Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire, organised a 2 day bioenergy event focussing on bioenergy projects and developments happening within, or relevant to the Gippsland region.

Presentations from the Forum and more information about this event  can be accessed on the Events page.


4th & 5th September 2014 Bioenergy Forum and Field Day, Ballarat Victoria. For more information and to book, see our event flier or email us at

Click HERE for 2012 Central Highlands Bioenergy Expo Speaker Presentations and documents

Funding & incentives

Information on financing, incentives and other sources of funding to assist in the development of bioenergy feasibility studies, project implementation, research and development etc.

Enterprises and projects

Details of the bioenergy organisations operating in Victoria, and bioenergy projects currently operating or in progress.


Hello and welcome to the Victorian Bioenergy Network Website! This web site has been developed by the Victorian Bioenergy Network, (VBN), an informal network made up of key bioenergy stakeholders, primarily from government and industry in Victoria, Australia.

The Victorian Bioenergy Network was initiated by the Department of Primary Industries, (DPI) and Sustainability Victoria, (SV) in 2008 in response to the rapidly growing level of interest and activity amongst industries, investors, government and non-government agencies in bioenergy research, development and extension in Victoria. The VBN is now administered by Cultivate Agribusiness. With over 600 members, the VBN represents a diverse range of major companies, utilities, investors and academic institutions and provides a unique forum to discuss issues and opportunities related specifically to the development of bioenergy projects in Victoria.

The Victorian Bioenergy Network aims to:

  • Promote bioenergy and increase the community’s understanding of the various opportunities for producing renewable energy from biomass.
  • Share information on bioenergy development and opportunities across government and other bioenergy stakeholders.
  • Collaborate and help develop the bioenergy industry in Victoria.
  • Help avoid duplication of work in the bioenergy field.
  • Provide a credible source of information on bioenergy in Victoria.

This website is managed and administered by Cultivate Agribusiness, (Cultivate), a not for profit association whose purpose is to:

   * support the creation of wealth and improved quality of life for people involved in the agricultural production and services industries
   * assist agribusiness to make a positive contribution to the condition of the economic, social and physical environments in the Victorian Central Highlands region, (centred around Ballarat).

For more information about the Victorian Bioenergy Network email Liz Hamilton - or Jo Cameron, Cultivate Executive Officer,

Join us on   at the Victorian Bioenergy Network Group  for activities, updates and events.